Product Video Marketing: Everything You need to know

People are publishing videos showcasing their physical and digital products on the internet. Consumers are loving unboxing videos, how-to videos, product review videos. These videos help to gain knowledge and provide solutions to their needs. Product video marketing is a vital strategy for every eCommerce seller.

Every other marketer is creating awesome product videos these days. The cost of video production has come down. The advent of high-quality video recorders and editing software made it easy.

Let us start decoding product video marketing here. We are going to explain every aspect of product videos.

We have curated and written the below sections to inspire, educate, and empower you:
What is a product video? Definition with SOME AMAZING examples.Types of product videos providing the best results.Best product video articles you must read.Best way to promote your videos for selling products. What Is a Product Video? Definition With SOME AMAZIN…

Low Hanging Fruit - What You Need to Know For a Business Growth!

I was reading an article on concepts of “Low Hanging Fruit in Marketing”. The story of the hungry fox and high hanging bunch of grapes came to my mind. Not being able to pluck the grapes, the fox claimed that the grapes were sour.

What if the bunch of grapes had been hanging low! 
The fox would have filled the stomach. The expression “Grapes are sour” or “sour grapes” would have to wait for any other incident.

What if the low hanging fruits had been aplenty in the jungle!

The fox would have grown lazy and unaccustomed to exploring and working hard to fill her stomach. In dearth of low hanging fruits, she would have died of hunger.

Now let's discuss the "low hanging fruit" strategy for a business. There are many views on the reasons for applying or not applying this strategy.
Businesses use Low Hanging Fruit Business Strategy
to acquire new customers fastto maintain cash-flow consistently, and to set easily achievable short-term goals. What is low hanging fruit (in business p…

Advertsuite- the best way to run successful Social Media Ads

AdvertSuite is the Biggest Facebook Ads Search Software. You can spy your competitors’ ads, their targeted location, each and every information about it.
Advertsuite shows you exactly what ads are working NOW (and what are NOT). You don’t waste money on testing ads.You don't need to Search for KEYWORDS, Niches, Competitors and even domains to see what ads are running. You can easily find winning Facebook Ads with this amazing ads spy tool by Luke Maguire.

Facebook has 80 million small- and medium-sized business Pages78% of American consumers have discovered retail products to buy on FacebookFacebook is the top platform for both B2B and B2C businesses30% of marketers think Facebook offers the highest digital ad ROI0.15% is the average monthly change in Page likesOnly 31% of businesses use Facebook MessengerThe average engagement rate for a post is 3.91%The average organic reach for a Facebook post is 6.4% of a Page’s likesThe average pric…

Use Power of Words That Sell

Using words to sell is something that every successful salesperson has to learn to do. This is true when talking live with any prospective client. 
Along with living discussions, using the right words can make all the difference in the ability of a web site to attract visitors, and hold their attention long enough to make a sale. 
Ads, both electronic and print types also depend heavily on choosing the right words for the right situation. Knowing what to say and when to say it will help keep a sales career fresh and exciting, not to mention lucrative.

One of the most powerful tools in your sales weapon is the informed and sensible use of words and terminology. 
Words can entice a prospect. Words can hold the attention of the potential buyer. Words can build a relationship that not only results in a sale today but helps to create other sales activity in the future.
Recent article : What is a product ad At the same time, inappropriate words can also turn away potential clients, make p…

Facebook Removed Info and Ads section!!!

Did Facebook removed Info and Ads section on all pages? Yes. Facebook has renamed Info and Ads to Page Transparency with more details and added it to the Right Section (On desktop). Watch the video at the bottom.
It is 11:40 AM in India and I was visiting Facebook Page to see their running ads. But I could not find the section Info and Ads on that page. One-by-One I visited several pages and nowhere I find that section. 
Here are some screenshots from desktop-

Recent Article : What is a product video? I could not find any news or any announcements regarding this take down. May be they are just testing with a new design and it will pop up at some another place...

Facebook Info and Ads was not removed but has been shifted to a new section Ad Library which you can access by scrolling the page and you will find Page Transparency Tab on right hand column on Desktop. (Watch The video below)

At Page Transparency Tab, you will get more info about a page. When you click the see more link on page…

Video Creation was NEVER so easy!!!

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