Facebook Removed Info and Ads section!!!

Did Facebook removed Info and Ads section on all pages?
Yes. Facebook has renamed Info and Ads to Page Transparency with more details and added it to the Right Section (On desktop). Watch the video at the bottom.

It is 11:40 AM in India and I was visiting Facebook Page to see their running ads. But I could not find the section Info and Ads on that page. One-by-One I visited several pages and nowhere I find that section. 

Here are some screenshots from desktop-

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I could not find any news or any announcements regarding this take down. May be they are just testing with a new design and it will pop up at some another place...

Facebook Info and Ads was not removed but has been shifted to a new section Ad Library which you can access by scrolling the page and you will find Page Transparency Tab on right hand column on Desktop. (Watch The video below)

At Page Transparency Tab, you will get more info about a page. When you click the see more link on page transparency section, a popup will open.

See screenshot below:

You can view "Ads currently running from the page" by clicking the Go to Ad Library now...